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Daniel K. Chaney has given public lectures, appeared on podcasts, and has recently had the honor of working with Peter Boghossian on the Atheos app, along with other contributors such as David Silverman, Aron Ra, Robert M. Price, John R. Shook, David Smalley, Susan Blackmore, Guy P. Harrison, Andrew Seidel, John W. Loftus, Ryan Bell, David Fitzgerald, James A. Lindsay and many other talented people.

Daniel became curious about the nature of God at age fourteen while listening to his neighbor preach in the local church. His researches ultimately led him to reject all belief in the supernatural. After graduation from university, he spent years studying religion, philosophy, and science. He eventually decided to write a book that critically examines the most popular religious arguments in a casual tone, yet without losing the subtlety of the reasoning.

When he’s not writing, Daniel can often be seen flying overhead in his ultralight aircraft, as close to heaven as he will likely ever get. You may spot him kayaking or enjoying a cookout with his three grown sons, the only trinity he has ever believed in. Or you may find him hiking through the woods with his devout Christian wife of nearly four decades, his very own angel.

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