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Religion Refuted is available in paperback or Kindle.

Religion Refuted

Religion Refuted stands out among atheist books for two reasons. First, it examines the case against religion in greater depth than do most atheist books—guiding the reader on a fascinating journey through the philosophical arguments as well as relevant insights from science and history. Second, the book is richly spiced with humor.

Religion Refuted goes beyond pointing out flaws in religious arguments to illuminate the positive side of a rational life. The book is crammed full of intriguing insights into how the human brain works, the foundations of reason, and ways for society to resolve moral conflicts. The reader is taken on a fascinating tour of the universe and an ominous preview of its fate. Next is a trip back to the early days of Christianity in search of the historical Jesus. Religion Refuted offers an insightful critique of the three paths to religious belief: natural theology, personal experience, and faith.

Religion Refuted is targeted at scientifically literate and inquisitive readers. Be aware that it doesn’t offer a dumbed down presentation. By the time the reader gets through the first chapter, it is obvious that this is a thinking person’s book. But as the book progresses, the reader increasingly appreciates the author’s casual tone, dry humor, and passion for the truth. This book is a fun read.

In the course of this intellectual journey, the reader will explore these questions:

  • How might we detect intelligent design?
  • Is the universe fine-tuned for human life?
  • Does the big bang or quantum fluctuation bolster the case for God?
  • Is religion the foundation of morality?
  • Does objective morality exist?
  • Is science amoral?
  • How might we prove miracles?
  • Can we apply Bayesian math to miracles?
  • Was Jesus a historical person?
  • Is the Bible inerrant?
  • How can we reconcile suffering with a loving God?
  • Is human logic premised on the existence of God?
  • Are reason and faith compatible?

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