The book Religion Refuted is a serious book, written on a college level, with the goal of providing an in-depth examination of religious apologetics beyond what’s offered in most popular books on the topic. That said, the book is well adorned with acerbically irreverent humor. Most of the memes below are based on quotations taken from the pages of Religion Refuted.



Meme-79 Meme-105 Meme-118 Meme-120 Meme-121 Meme-124 Meme-126 Meme-129 Meme-130 Meme-131 Meme-132 Meme-133

Meme-1 Meme-2 Meme-3 Meme-4 Meme-5 Meme-6 Meme-7 Meme-8 Meme-9 Meme-10 Meme-11 Meme-12 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Meme-14 Meme-15 Meme-16Meme-17  Meme-18 Meme-19 Meme-20 Meme-21 Meme-22 Meme-23 Meme-24  Meme-26 Meme-27 Meme-28a Meme-29 Meme-30 Meme-31 Meme-32 Meme-33 Meme-34 Meme-35 Meme-36 Meme-37 Meme-38 Meme-39 Meme-40 Meme-41 Meme-42 Meme-43 Meme-44 Meme-45 Meme-46 Meme-47 Meme-48 Meme-49 Meme-50 Meme-51 Meme-52 Meme-53 Meme-54 Meme-55 Meme-56 Meme-57 Meme-58 Meme-59 Meme-60 Meme-61 Meme-62 Meme-63 Meme-64 Meme-65 Meme-66 Meme-67 Meme-68 Meme-69 Meme-70 Meme-71 Meme-72 Meme-73 Meme-74 Meme-75 Meme-76 Meme-77 Meme-78

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